With the biggest publishers in the country on board, we’re launching our journalistic startup in…
Alexander Klöpping

Hi Alexander,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I totally agree with you with your analysis of the problem, but I am not so sure about your solution. Some issues I would appreciate if you can explain further about Blendle (if not, thanks anyway)

1) Some of the publishers you have already on-board does not have any paywall so their content is accesible for free. Why people are paying for Blendle? Just UI/UX?

2) Most of the publishers of all around the globe digitally are playing the ad business model so a lot of information currently is free. Again Why people will pay for Blendle what they can get for free?

3) I am not been able to see the difference from Pocket Highlights, Instapaper weekly newsletters or Flipboard Magazines among many other media curators. How Blendle is different?

4) In my opinion the main problem is that content creation has explode beyond human capacities. And even is just a fraction of this content is worth reading, it’s is still to much for a human. My Pocket list tend to infinite.

5) How do you solve curation? Human Editors or algorithm? Both have pros and con and none of them is the solution nor differential.

6) Why paying for every articles and not a suscription model?

Thanks for your time and good luck


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