Some ideas from 4FYN Transforming Education talk by Israel Ruiz (MIT)

Interesting talk by Israel Ruiz from the MIT in 4YFN event on transforming education and how do they envision the future of learning. Some insights:

  • The future of educations is based on five values: passion, collaboration, freedom, challenge and accessible. That values translate to programs as follows:
  1. Flexibility to study from anywhere whenever you want. No time and space restrictions. That will imply democratization of the education. Doing it more accessible.
  2. Modularization for study cross-disciplinary subjects. As I understood that will lead to a customized programs breaking the current monolithic educational systems and will let anyone follow their passion.
  3. Learning by doing or learning by science. And that means having challenges to learn while doing. From my experience is by far the best way to learn: when you have the necessity.
  • He shared some edx (educational platform partnership with Harvard) metrics. Basically 1 Bio students from around the world (Spain 3% of total). Figures that beat the highest expectations.
  • Partnership with companies and governments to create new programs like the Architecture Systems Engineering together with Boeing and NASA.
  • Big Data to better understand how we learn. Find the pattern to improve methodology.
  • He did not addressed question related to engagement and monetization two of the greatest challenges that MOOC faces, but regarding economics they are thinking on MOOC as a freemium model that will let them to recruit better students faster and cheaper for on-campus activities. They are building synergies among online and offline campuses.

Great talk with some interesting insights.

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