Cost estimation is one of the pillars of SCRUM.

One of the essential parts of SCRUM is cost estimation. Some authors even recommend estimating in 2 iterations.

  1. Very fuzzy and intuitive first estimation, which gives you a general idea of what can fit in the next Sprint.
  2. A second estimation, specific in real time amounts. It is usually made in the Planning meeting.

In my case, I don’t do the second estimation with real time. I think it is an extra effort that doesn’t pay the bill. In the other hand, I think that the fuzzy-and-intuitive cost estimation with Story Points is great :).

Story Points by intuition.

I like to think about…

The book that explains the theory behind some Ruby on Rails designs.

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The book in Amazon

I like how Martin Fowler writes, but beyond that, I liked a lot the content and philosophy behind this book.

The books explains design patterns very frequent in enterprise applications with examples. It also includes diagrams and implementations in Java that explain the scenarios.

The book is intended to be for any software developer but if you are a Ruby on Rails developer, I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading the theory and the discussion behind some patterns you use every day. Ruby on Rails is clearly inspired by this book and it is a phenomenal reference for some concepts.

Some examples:

Keeping dependencies up to date not only fixes bugs or improves performance, there is more.

I have to confess that until last year I was not paying attention
to keep gems updated. My top 3 excuses:

  • “I have no time”
  • “I don’t want to introduce new bugs for free”
  • “It has not got new features that pay the bill”

Last year with Rails 5 release and Rails 3 out of support we had to update application from Rails 3.2 to Rails 4.2.

“I had to find time” because “It was going to pay the bill”.

After the experience I became fan of having dependencies updated as much as possible. I learnt some lessons.

The rest of the world does not care about the version you have in production.


Santi Bel

Senior Software Engineer @ Jobandtalent. Previously CTO @ Playfulbet.

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