• Rob Race

    Rob Race

    Writing an eBook for Building a SaaS in Rails 6(https://BuildASaaSAppinRails.com). A step-by-step guide on how to build a SaaS(Software as a Service) app.

  • Marcos Trujillo

    Marcos Trujillo

    I need music to live. Progressive rock! Love technology. Senior Android Developer at @jobandtalentEng Co-Founder & Android developer of http://storybeatapp.com

  • Hengki Sihombing

    Hengki Sihombing

    Product and Tech Guy. Love to Build Product People Love. SaaS Enthusiast Organizer @JakartaJS

  • jobandtalent Engineering

    jobandtalent Engineering

    The magicians doing software, devops, front and backend, mobile apps, recommendation systems, machine learning, clouded infrastructure and all that jazz.

  • Sergio Espeja

    Sergio Espeja

    CTO at jobandtalent

  • Alina Hryshchuk

    Alina Hryshchuk

  • Anushank Lal

    Anushank Lal

  • Alfonso Jiménez

    Alfonso Jiménez

    Co-Founder of Furgo

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