Comic about how much is involved with Kubernetes. A dinosaur expresses excitement at starting Kubernetes and plunges into the deep end of a lake as you see all the elements involved with Kubernetes.
Figure 1: Kubernetes comic

The main goal of writing this article was to gather personal and team experiences and challenges when implementing a production-grade fleet of Kubernetes clusters at GumGum. I hope you enjoy the reading!

The Tip of the Iceberg

Everyone is in love with Kubernetes. It’s the most popular high school student, and no one can escape their enchants. It seems to be perfect, as it aims to solve most of the problems modern companies face when dealing with complex microservice architectures and cloud-native applications. …

Monitoring a system, application or any other IT component is one of the most basic and critical, yet often under prioritized IT process that all companies deal with.

The monitoring landscape has changed in ways that nobody would have believed in the last 10–15 years. The widespread popularity of cloud native applications, microservice-based systems and sprawling ephemeral environments introduce a host of new challenges, especially for legacy monitoring platforms that were designed for more static environments.

The Good Ol’ Days

A few years ago, monitoring at GumGum was pretty much a fairy tale: applications, servers, and services were pretty much…

Santiago Campuzano Vallejo

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