One Way To Make Extra Money As A Programmer

There are plenty of ways to monetize most skills, but what about programming? Today we’re going to take a bird’s eye look at a simple but powerful way to build a side income over time as a programmer.

Who likes writing? Because this is going to be based around blogging.

Blogging and providing value to the programming space is one of the best things you can do, because not only will you be able to help people on a growing scale, you will be able to monetize those people when you reach a certain level of engagement.

It’s now super easy to create your own personal blog, thanks to Wordpress. Your website doesn’t need any fancy plugins, or even a fancy theme — aslong as it isn’t distracting.

So what you do is start publishing every day. That’s right, every day, and getting familiar with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). You can start learning this stuff here: . You’re going to write about topics that people are looking for on Google, providing value about that topic, and trying to rank higher on Google for keywords related to that topic. Where do you find these keywords? Here:

Look up random things about programming and see what people are searching for. Maybe people want to learn how to code, and that is a popular search on Google. Write a series of blog posts about how to do that. If you’re doing SEO, you’ll start to rank on Google, and hopefully start getting a little traffic. The reason you want to publish EVERYDAY is so that when someone does find your blog, and they like you, they’re going to go back and read all of your existing blogs. The first blog post you want to add is your origin story — how you became an engineer, your ups, downs, your feelings along the way, and struggles to get where you are today. Chances are, the way you started to learn how to program, or the circumstances, or feelings, are reletable to the people you are writing for in some way.

As you start to build up the blog, and more people are finding it, there are different ways to monetize it. If you feel you can provide a LOT of value to the people you are writing to, create an info product about something in your space — like a “how to code” course, and sell it to your readers. When you start to bring in some money, you can start running paid traffic to your blog from Facebook, Google, and even Youtube if you want to shoot a video. You can get a good idea of what your readers want by seeing which posts are performing the best — and which ones are getting positive reactions. Create a product around that since you know that topic is in demand such as a course or e-book and running traffic to your products and blog.

If you are successful with this, you keep doing the same thing. Providing value with your blog posts, identifying what people want even more value about, and making an info product around it.

The potential here is huge, and you can make a decent amount of money and help people at the same time in the process.

The key to this is WRITING EVERY DAY, and getting good enough at SEO so that you can get ranked on Google and receive free traffic. You could always speed things up with paid traffic if you have the cash and know what you are doing.

Not sure how to do something? Hire someone on Fiverr to do it for you. Nowadays you can hire people from there to create ads, do SEO, and even write blog posts for you.

Sound cool?