Hi, yeah using named views is a very good idea when you have very few elements that changes the…


I have read your post because I am doing an application and I will implement layouts.

Can you bring me more info about complex layouts? I have a bundle of components for “home section” and a bundle of components of “affiliates section”. Both bundle of components apart from header and footer share a section inside de main content and the bundle of “home section” has an additional div that the other bundle doesn’t, apart from the main content of each component obviusly.

For example, a component of “home section” has a div with class “top-box” that inside has an image, and has another div with class “bottom-box” that has the content.

On the other side another component of “home section” has the same “top box” but has a new div with class “box” and the same “bottom box”

And finally components in “affiliates section” have the “top box” but apart from the image have an additional div with tabs and they dont have “box” section and they have the “bottom box” section with its content.

How can I approach this scenario?

Thanks a lot!