The City’s Night Sky

The other day I looked up to the night sky
To my far right I saw Venus
To Venus’ apparent left, higher in the sky, was Mars
Straight above me was the Orion Constellation
And finally to my far left was the half lit Luna
City lights hide most of the night sky
But there are still sights to behold even here
And what a beautiful sight it was
Celestial bodies
Whole groups of stars
Were visible to me
To anyone looking up into the night sky
But rarely do we appreciate it
Rarely do we have the time
Rarely do we have the desire
And we may not even know that we can see something
Even here in the city
But there they were
Greeting my eyes with their otherworldly glow
Lifting me out of the monotony of city life
For fleeting moments
I felt closer to the cosmos
And still I yearn
To be closer still

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