The Hardest Choice of This Month

Totally not corny I swear (another one)

Tonight, as it is a late night (clearly have not followed through on going to sleep early) I have decided to stay in. This has been the first Friday in months which I have decided to stay in( that’s a good sign that this summer was lit). After last weekends shenanigans I told my friend that I need to “slow my roll” for this weekend making more time for the other things that matter in my life. This came down to making sure I would stay in one day of this weekend, and seeing how it is my friends birthday tomorrow Friday has to be stay in day.

After that my main motivation was not going down on my word, as I have done int he past. My out look was that if I cannot follow through on this one simple thing how can I trust my self to follow through on everything else i want to do. It sounds weird but once you commit you commit and leave no other option it becomes much easier.

Also its hard to switch out of that mode(going out all the time mode) as people have certain expectation of you to go out with them or to their event. This happens beyond just going out, everyone's peer group tends to look at them in a certain way and depending on the peer group will usually not accept that person moving away from their “role” in the group. This could be as far and malicious as sabotage and insults. This pressure can also be useful in making sure that member does not do things that are inherently bad for them. With that said there are some rare peer groups that may support you moving in a certain direction even though it may be away from the peer group on the basis that that direction is better for you. I am not trying to point fingers at peer groups I am more trying to shine the light on your every day peer group and realize what effect they might have and what that means to you. I am constantly guilty of putting pressure on my friends to do a certain thing or the other , usually with their best interest in mind.

Its just an interesting thought I have had on my mind and one of the many things that hold people back from changing.

But after a nice sober night of staying in I am fully aware I am about to go extra hard for my homie’s birth day tomorrow. Hid Birthday plus nuit Blanche will make an epic night. Hopeful ending off with watching some Premier League Soccer (I am spurs fan… they play Manchester city) and going for a run with friends for run number ten of #runforkanye.

More articles to come I will try to stay on top of this , but in all honesty this is very tough. To write an article a day is no joke even with my standard very low this will be a tough couple weeks in making sure I have 20 articles out by the end of the 20 day challenge. Lets keep it rolling , the show must go on!