Interpreting the cast

Photo by Biel Morro on Unsplash

The first toss of the day when the lure breaks the water’s surface isn’t just a cast; it never is.

It’s not merely a mindless ritual embedded into muscle memory.

It just isn’t the interruption of deafening calm before controlled chaos erupts.

On the contrary, it’s a plunge into an expanse of endless possibilities. It’s unknown emotions tied to a line.

It’s a symbol to respond to the mystery with respect but also to be thankful for the opportunity to learn.

It’s a suggestion life is always a teacher, and sometimes it educates with a lash. It’s a reminder to be kind and of better things to arrive.

It’s a memo that in the trenches, there is no ”other.” It is you and I. It is us!

Today the world is both chaotic and serene, but we are in this together. Utilize this opportunity to move with the ripples of life and adjust the slack in your line accordingly.

May your next literal and figurative cast find a body of water riddled with opportunity and renewed perspective.




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Santiago Marroquin

Santiago Marroquin


Documenting thoughts, events, travels and other ramblings will hopefully capture my tour through life as a dad, husband and friend.