Why kids should learn how to code!

We are in the middle of a major cultural shift. Every day, we hear about technological innovation giving rise to new jobs, media, and products, these advances are occurring at a dizzying rate. Our children will know nothing about iPods, Cd Players, CRT Monitors, Flip phones, the struggles of Dial-up, etc.. Which at one point in time just a few years ago was cutting-edge technology. We have advanced more in the last 200 years than our ancestors have in the last thousand years but how? I know the culprits for our speedy rise in technological advancements I say…

but thats another topic for another blog post. Today we talk about our kids futures, and what we are heading towards as a society. Kids in school today are taught a wide variety of things, from core mathematics to biology to spanish to english, there are absolutely dozens of subject areas that each generation of the future’s minds are being taught and then tested on each year. When you actually think about it, are they being taught the right skills? What do kids actively learn from this, and will they be able to apply this information in the technical age that is inevitably upon us?

Coding brings a whole new set of challenges for your child to work through and in doing so it takes determination and builds perseverance. Communication skills are improved and if you think about it coding is really another whole language that is learned. Logical communication is taught strengthening both written and verbal skills. Focus and organization is needed to code and as more complicated code is written your child will be better able to concentrate and develop better organization skills. Knowing how these things work will change how your child sees and interacts with the world of technology , and I truly believe coding is the literacy of the digital age. Just like we need to learn how to read and write in school I believe our children now need to know how to communicate with technology if we want them to have a leg in the door early on. Every year more and more jobs are becoming automated and in a few years time Blue collar jobs may become the minority, but there will always be a need for all types of developers all over the world.

As a father I believe getting my son into programming early on will greatly increase his chances of having a brighter future. Once he is of age I will most definitely be teaching him the ropes and basics of coding along with some classes, and it is my hope that he will take an interest in learning more. Some parents want their kids to be Doctors or Lawyers well I want him to be a great Programmer and who knows if he loves it early on he will surely make something amazing out of it.