New Beginnings, or Everything Changes

It has been said to us, ‘You can have it both ways: you wake up one morning and make a new life our of nothingness, and that life will go on unstopped, like a river or the ellipsis of a planet, for as long as it lasts.’

Media encourages us writers to have a blog, the statement goes as follows: ‘Editors love them!’ We tend to believe that following this advice will not only fetch us one — for those of us committed but unpublished — , but will keep them pouring wise advice into us, requesting masterpieces, introducing us to old and established legends, and translating our works to foreign languages.

So we create one and start typing.

Today I had a wonderful dream. For those of you unacquainted with lucid dreaming, the process goes as follows: you are dreaming, and then you say, ‘Wait a minute! This is a dream’, and you take control of it. What happens next is up, probably not to you but to a truer you. I usually fly, or exercise the process for that matter. It’s not simple. There is a lot of will in it. And as experience goes, as soon as you make excessive efforts while you dream, or when the excitement increases, lucidness tends to vanish. Or worse: you wake up. I can only say about my dream that I have seen the secrets of women’s love. But I’m afraid you will have to keep on reading if you want to understand the meaning of this.

And, in a similar way, reading is also a commitment with the mind of an author. We read word after word and line after line, seeking not the man behind them but the thoughts themselves. We look for the source, the producing factory; but, more important, for those who create and decipher life through words, we search for the thread that binds the magic words together. The ongoing flow of charm that seduces us in mysterious ways.

This blog, my dear Reader, my idle Reader, will ponder life and seduce you with its threading of words and phrases. The matter delivered, will verse on dreams and magic words, on beautiful women who inspire and deserve our efforts; of mysteries yet to be solved; of meditation and the magnificence of human body; of books and the people behind them.

Please be welcomed to the human mind. Because during this interaction of thoughts, through reading and writing, we are all connected: the living and the death alike!

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