Tribal Politics and Before We Go to Mars - Why We Need an Equivalent Truth Commission for USA 2.0

Just read the transcript (above) of this podcast where one of the claims made was this election and maybe all elections is actually about tribal identities rather than about political ideas.

As such it seems Trump’s core of White Male Privilege (WMP) voters are realizing they are slowly becoming a minority in the nation (their home) where they believe that WMP is primarily responsible for building into a once great nation.

And thus WMP devotees (aka the GOP) can lay claim as this nation’s rightful sole "owners".

Thus a large gloomy and dreadful pathos has affected this WMP tribe in terms of fear and jealousy about their home ownership (i.e. Afrikaners, South African; anti Latin, Black, Asian and Muslim rhetoric and similar colonial equivalents in history).

Thus, identifying the WMP’s anxieties and place in the future of the “idea” of their own home is probably something which needs to be addressed in a clear and meaningful manner.

Instead of leading, the Republican party leadership which has lately (since '08) been anti everything “except their own insular values” expressed in their indefinite political gridlock is not leading or helping their WMP tribe into the realities of the current USA where the majority now exists as a multicolor mosiac of tribes and where nation ownership requires equal sharing and acceptance for the benefit of all - including the color white.

Finally, I honestly believe a rexamination of all systemic infrastructures of public and government spectrums need to be audited in light of their natural bias for WMP cultural values.

Something like a Truth Commission which examines everything from climate change, education, taxes, voting and elections, prosecutor and police relationships, water treatment systems, political term limits, gun control, gender rights, banking laws, EVERYTHING.

Then find solutions to address the needs for equal and fair treatment for all related to our lives, nation and planet.

Make that our national 'Man on the Mars' goal where we reset and update how the USA thinks about itself, it’s environment, its role in the world and ENSURE it works for the equal benefit of ALL — near and far, today and our tomorrows.

Or maybe I’m just a naive and overly optimistic California born, Independent, Gen X, Straight, Male, Filipino American doomed to be drowned out by history.

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