Like so many of these articles, this is written by an affluent person who seems only peripherally…
Tom Ritchford

Just wanted to come to this author’s defense because I loathe when people miss the message of a piece, then belittle it by trying to push their own agenda.

This is a lifestyle article about a young professional who took a huge risk that dismantled her comfort zone. It’s a bout a girl in mid-twenties with no dependents and with a college education and was employed and able to at least make-it-by in a big city like NYC — so yes, making a living wage. And it’s very relatable to anyone with a remotely similar background.

This isn’t an article about the struggle of a single mom on food stamps living on minimum wage. This isn’t the article about a boy that grew up in the hood and has to support his siblings and parents after getting a job as an adult. This isn’t the article about a young woman who through unfortunate circumstances lost everything she owned and had to be homeless for a period of time.

There’s plenty of pieces in this website of those type of articles that you seek to find in this young writer’s work. I think it goes without saying, you will not find those thoughts that you seek in this piece. You’re wasting your breath with nonconstructive criticism and trying to drown an important point of view about courage, by archiving it as unimportant and irrelevant because it doesn’t suit your view of one part of the country.

It’s very important, it’s very relevant, it’s very insightful, especially in this type of Medium for the audiences that follow this website.

So unless you can cite a statistic that the majority of readers of Medium are below poverty level, please don’t minimize other people’s work on here to put your own views in a pedestal.



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