Brocade fabrics and the many ways of using them

Indian ethnic fashion is highly influenced by the rich fabrics and their fine textures. While silk is the everlasting choice of Indian women, other traditional fabrics like brocade are also earning recognition for their beauty and appeal. Brocade fabric is interwoven with the history of Indian couture. It was the mark of royalty for the kings and nobles. It flourished in India during Mughal rule with strong Persian influence. In the present context, brocade is an enchanting textile known for its intricate motifs.

How to use brocade fabric in the styling of Indian ethnic dresses?

Brocade has clear impact over almost every style in Indian ethnic dresses. Leading designers also use brocade extensively to rev up the style of their collection. Preference of brocade for Indian dresses fashion includes:

Brocade in Anarkali dresses fashion:

Anarkali dresses fashion is highly inspired from the beauty and elegance of brocade fabric. This outfit has rich styles designed from this textile to accentuate their appeal. In Anarkali dresses fashion, brocade is used for varied patterns. With other rich fabrics like silk, net, or georgette, they showcase the true sophistication of haute ethnic couture.

Brocade in Indian sarees fashion:

In latest sarees fashion, brocade is a defining factor to enhance their grace. You can witness rich use of brocade in stylish half sarees and lehenga sarees fashion as well. These sarees are popular for their contemporary styles. As such, rich mix of brocade with intricate Indian craftsmanship and other fine fabrics truly enhances the beauty of these sarees. Due to the richness of this fabric, you can carry designer sarees in brocade to any traditional function or style-studded party with ease.

Brocade in Indian salwar kameez collection:

Indian salwar kameez collection in brocade is also quite popular these days. This mix ensures you a perfect style. The richness of brocade and comforts of this attire makes Indian salwar kameez collection more desirable. In their latest collection, you can find attractive patterns designed with brocade and enhanced with fine Indian hand works.

Brocade in lehenga cholis fashion:

There is no denying the fact that lehenga cholis are the most stunning festive outfits for Indian women. The richness of brocade increases the appeal of this traditional outfit manifold. You can find alluring designs of brocade in all the latest styles of lehenga cholis including jacket style lehengas, A-line lehengas, circular lehengas, mermaid style lehengas, etc. In every style, brocade adds a touch of glamour and elegance with its innate richness.

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