RADHASOAMI: The Writings of Soami Ji Maharaj (Sant Radhasoami Sahib, Shiv Dayal Singh) of Agra

Online E Books of Soami Ji Maharaj, the Great Saint of Agra, and About Soami Ji, Founder of the Radhasoami Faith: Sar Bachan Radhasoami Poetry, Part One, Sar Bachan Radhasoami Poetry, Part Two, Sar Bachan Radhasoami Prose (Book One and Two), Soami Ji Maharaj’s Letters to Huzur Maharaj, Swami Ji’s Commentary on the Jap Ji of Guru Nanak, and, Last Words of Soami Ji Maharaj

The Hidayatnama (Esoteric Instructions) of Swami Ji Maharaj: http://192734808.r.cdn77.net/CDN/Books/EnglishBooks/Sar_Bachan_Radhasoami_Poetry_Part_1/Sar_Bachan_Radhasoami_Poetry_Part_1.html#_Toc281806891

Sar Bachan Radhasoami Poetry, Part One (Sar Bachan Radhasoami Nazm yaani Chhand bandh): http://www.Scribd.com/doc/118290685/Sar-Bachan-Radhasoami-Poetry-Volume-One

Sar Bachan Radhasoami Poetry, Part Two (Sar Bachan Radhasoami Nazm yaani Chhand bandh): http://www.Scribd.com/doc/110546432/Sar-Bachan-Radhasoami-Poetry-Volume-Two

Sar Bachan Radhasoami Prose (Sar Bachan Radhasoami Bartik): http://www.Scribd.com/doc/118291426/Sar-Bachan-Radhasoami-Prose-Books-One-and-Two

Book Review of Sar Bachan Radhasoami Poetry and Prose Volumes — the M.G. Gupta Translation: http://www.spiritualawakeningradio.com/brsarbachan.html

Soami Ji Maharaj’s Letters to Huzur Maharaj: http://www.Scribd.com/doc/98021124/Soami-Ji-Maharaj-s-Letters-To-Huzur-Maharaj

Elucidation of the Jap Ji — A commentary on Guru Nanak’s Morning Prayer or Jap Ji by Soami Ji Maharaj: http://www.Scribd.com/doc/99733663/Elucidation-of-the-Jap-Ji-by-Swamiji-Maharaj

Last Words of Soami Ji Maharaj: http://www.Scribd.com/doc/118327826/Last-Words-of-Soami-Ji-Maharaj

Holy Epistles, Part 1, Letters of Soami Ji and Others: http://www.Scribd.com/doc/133769386/Holy-Epistles-Part-One

The Biography of Soami Ji Maharaj: http://www.Scribd.com/doc/133775938/Biography-of-Soamiji-Maharaj

Artiyan — Selections from Sar Bachan Radhasoami Poetry and Prem Bani — Hymns sung during Bhandara Arti Satsangs and other special occasions: http://www.Scribd.com/doc/118336723/Artiyan

Niyamawali — Shabds (Hymns) from the Sar Bachan Radhasoami Poetry and Prem Bani that are to be recited daily or frequently: http://www.Scribd.com/doc/118337334/Niyamawali

Radhasoami: Online Library of Agra Radhasoami Spiritual Classics: Sar Bachan Poetry and Prose, Prem Patra, Radhasoami Mat Prakash, Teachings of Huzur Maharaj, Maharaj Saheb, Buaji Saheba, Babuji Maharaj, and Others: http://RadhasoamiFaith.org/EnglishBooks

Sant Mat Satsang PODCAST: My Guest is Mark Juergensmeyer: The spirit of Sant Mat “ecumenism” and dialogue of the recent Spircon conference; also some Sant Mat history speculation on the origins of the Radhasoami Faith: the ashram of the Tulsi Sahib group in Hathras, “the People of the Anurag Sagar” or the “Esoteric Santism” of Sant Dariya Sahib and the Dharamdasi Branch of Kabir Panth. Am back for a new season and series of Sant Mat Satsang PODCasts. Mark Juergensmeyer is director of the Orfalea Center for Global and International Studies, professor of sociology, and affiliate professor of religious studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara. He is an expert on religious violence, conflict resolution and South Asian religion and politics, and has published more than two hundred articles and twenty books, including, “Radhasoami Reality — The Logic of A Modern Faith”, Princeton University Press; “Songs of the Saints of India” (Mystic Poetry of Kabir, Guru Nanak, Ravidas, Mirabai, Sur Das, and Tulsi Das), Oxford University Press; contributed chapters to, “The Sants — Studies in A Devotional Tradition of India”, Motilal Banarsidas Books of Delhi. We discuss the recent “Spircon 2010 International Seminar on the Religion of Sants — Radhasoami Faith — Spiritual Consciousness Studies”, held recently at Dayalbagh, which is associated with the Radhasoami Satsang Dayal Bagh, Agra. Other branches of Sant Mat/Radhasoami that participated in this historic event include: Huzuri Bhawan/Pipal Mandi (Agram Prasad Mathur), Radhasoami Satsang Tarn Taran (Baba Kehar Singh), Radhaswami Satsang Dinod (Sant Kanwar Singh), and Mahant Ji of the Hathras Satsang (founded by Param Sant Tulsi Sahib). Click to Download MP3 and Hear This Edition of the Sant Mat Satsang PODcast [via Blog Talk Radio]: http://www.BlogTalkRadio.com/santmatfellowship/2010/12/04/december-2010-sant-mat-satsang-podcast-with-james-.mp3?localembed=download

Soami Bagh’s Online Library of Radhasoami Classics: Sar Bachan Poetry and Prose of Soami Ji Maharaj, Prem Patra Volumes, Radhasoami Mat Prakash, Teachings of Huzur Maharaj, Maharaj Saheb, Buaji Saheba, Babuji Maharaj, and Others: http://RadhasoamiFaith.org/EnglishBooks

Sant Mat Books Online — E Library — Recommended Reading — Sant Mat, Radhasoami, Surat Shabd Yoga, Kabir, Adi Granth, and Many Classic Sants of India: http://www.spiritualawakeningradio.com/library.html

Radhasoami E Books @ Scribd: http://www.Scribd.com/Radha_Soami/documents

RadhasoamiSatsang.org: http://www.RadhasoamiSatsang.org/main.htm

Radhasoami Faith — A Historical Study: http://www.angelfire.com/linux/radhasoami/rsfaith/radhasoamifaith.htm

DayalBagh.org: http://www.DayalBagh.org.in

Dayal Bagh: The Murar Declaration of 13th June, 2010: http://www.DayalBagh.org.in/radhasoami-faith/murar-declaration-2010.htm

Spircon News Article — A Grand Convergence): http://articles.TimesOfIndia.indiatimes.com/2011-03-08/science-of-spirituality/28358489_1_science-and-spirituality-convergence-spiritual-head

LINKS PAGE: This is the most comprehensive links page online dedicated to the Path of the Masters. The research that has gone into this page is intended to provide online resources from an inter-faith, non-sectarian perspective exploring Inner Light and Sound Meditation — Surat Shabd Yoga, Sant Mat, Radhasoami, Kabir Panth, also Online Books including Sacred Texts from India. Scroll down and see “BOOKS ONLINE” for many more online Radhasoami books, and scroll down to “RADHASOAMI” for links to many more RS-related websites: http://SantMatRadhasoami.Wordpress.com/2013/09/18/sant-mat-radhasoami-links-page-sant-mat-radhasoami-surat-shabd-yoga-kabir-and-the-bhakti-sants-of-india-the-path-of-the-masters-and-mystics-of-inner-light-and-sound

Sant Mat Radhasoami Page at Facebook: daily spiritual quotes about Sant Mat, the Classic Sants of India, and Radhasoami. Surat Shabd Yoga — Inner Light and Sound Meditation — works best when practiced with a spirit of Bhakti: Love and Devotion for God: http://www.Facebook.com/SantMatRadhasoami

Sant Mat Radhasoami Blog at Blogspot: Path of the Masters: Sant Mat — Santmat, Radhasoami — Radha Soami, Inner Light and Sound Meditation: Surat Shabd Yoga, the Audible Life Stream: http://SantMatRadhasoami.Blogspot.com

RADHASOAMI-REALITY at Yahoo Groups: a site exploring the spiritual classics of the Radha Soami Tradition: Sant Mat, Santmat meditation and soul travel — Surat Shabd Yoga — the journey of the soul into Light, Sound, and Love — Oneness with God: http://groups.Yahoo.com/group/RADHASOAMI-REALITY

Sant Mat Fellowship at Yahoo Groups: This Living School of Spirituality called Sant Mat is also known as: The Way of the Saints, Sages and Mystics, Radhasoami — Radha Soami, and, Path of the Masters. The meditation practice is Surat Shabd Yoga, meaning: “Union (Yoga) of the Soul (Surat) with the Inner Light and Sound of God (Shabd).” The term “Sant Mat” was coined by Param Sant Tulsi Sahib of Hathras, during the 19th Century, but the Sant tradition, with its many guru-lineages or branches, is a spiritual movement that dates back many centuries to ancient India: http://groups.Yahoo.com/group/SantMatFellowship

Sant Mat Satsang Podcast @ Medium: https://Medium.com/sant-mat-satsang-podcasts/latest

Sant Mat Satsang Podcast @ Blog Talk Radio: http://www.BlogTalkRadio.com/SantMatFellowship

Radhasoami at Twitter: https://Twitter.com/radhasoami

Radhasoami at Tumblr: http://Radha-Soami.Tumblr.com

Radhasoami at Medium: https://Medium.com/@RadhaSoami/latest

Radhasoami Community at Live Journal: http://Radhasoami.LiveJournal.com

Sant Mat Radhasoami Youtube Channel: http://www.Youtube.com/user/SantMatRadhasoami

Youtube — Radhasoami Shabad: “Guru Dhyan Dharo Tum Man Mein”: https://www.Youtube.com/watch?v=keykujgk7ZI

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