Simpler Service Mesh, Now Production Ready

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Three months ago (in September 2019) we were proud to unleash Maesh, the simpler service mesh. With so many tools already available on the market, we couldn’t wait to see how the community would react to our vision of the concept.

The answer is — incredibly well. In less than a month, Maesh had gathered a community of people that adopted it right from the start on their development cluster. These brave early adopters provided us with invaluable insights about various cluster configurations and shed light on possible improvements. …

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Evaluating Ingress Controllers

Ingresses are critical to any successful Kubernetes (k8s) deployment. Ingresses allow you to define how external (and/or internal) traffic is routed to services within your cluster. The Kubernetes documentation states that:

“An Ingress can be configured to give Services externally-reachable URLs, load balance traffic, terminate SSL / TLS, and offer name based virtual hosting.”

However, Ingresses themselves don’t do anything — they’re just metadata. The heavy lifting is performed by Ingress Controllers. An Ingress without an Ingress Controller won’t do anything. There’s one more catch: while there are a number of system controllers (like ReplicaSet Controller, Endpoints Controller, Namespace Controller…

Google Kubernetes Engine is a great and easy way to explore Kubernetes without having to worry about creating a cluster on your own.

While playing around with it, I immediately started asking myself how I could automate the process of creating a GKE cluster and how I could easily deploy the powerful Traefik as my Ingress Controller.

Initial idea

At first, as already mentioned, I wanted to automate as much as possible. Therefore I decided to use the following tools:

Due to missing functionality in the terraform kubernetes provider to modify RBAC on the cluster, I deviated from…

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