Entertainment on Santorini Island Greece

If you are looking for entertainment and fun, Santorini Island Greece is the perfect place to spend your vacation.

Santorini nightlife offers a wide range of venues and satisfies all tastes. If you prefer stimulating Santorini nightlife, Fira and Kamari are the two settlements to be visited. Here you will find contemporary Santorini nightlife, including bars and clubs that play all kinds of music, from pop and rock to jazz and classical. Many of the entertainment venues on Santorini Island are located by the sea and offer visitors a beautiful setting, in addition to a good time. For more relaxing entertainment on Santorini Island Greece, there are the quaint bars and cafes in Oia, where you can sip your coffee or drink while gazing at the sunset and the Caldera.

One of the most popular activities in Santorini nightlife is dining. Santorini is packed with tavernas and restaurants that serve delicious local dishes and unique variations of traditional delicacies. In fact, eating out is considered an essential part of entertainment in Santorini. We suggest selecting one of the many tavernas and restaurants and trying its luscious treats. The most well-known dishes are grilled fish, fava — a lentil dip with onion and lemon -, tomato balls, fried white eggplant, squash balls, and sun-dried tomatoes.

Most Santorini restaurants and tavernas will recommend either their house wine or one produced by a local winery.

Santorini wine has an excellent aroma and bouquet, and compliments the traditional dishes perfectly. When choosing a taverna or restaurant in Santorini, we suggest finding out where the locals dine. These restaurants and tavernas are usually less expensive and have the best quality food.

If you really want to experience the local customs of the island, you should take part in the traditional Santorini nightlife.

The Ifaistia Festival in Fira and the Episkopi Festival in Mesa Gonia on August 15 are just a couple of traditional events which take place on the island. Music festivals are very popular on Santorini Island, with several of them taking place during the summer.

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