Wordpress, Squarespace or Webflow?

Nice overview of the 3 defacto platforms. I am a diehard Squarespace user who can only introduce minimal code, not enough time to learn right now. I agree that Webflow is a very interesting platform due to the fine tuning that is missing in Squarespace. Squarespace and Webflow are philosophically different in that the latter allows fantastic control down to the pixel while Squarespace on the most fundamental level generally doesn’t, instead it has a grid on which elements adhere to. Squarespace allows for complete control in the dev platform, great for coders, not great for me.

I don’t think I will be leaving Squarespace anytime soon but I do wish they borrow some of Webflow’s minutia.

I will end my comments by leaving a remark on “all of the sites ended up looking like each other — if you don’t get custom code”. I would disagree, the underlying structure of any template is the grid, typography, visuals and how the style editor is used to customize can add a significant amount of customization that will leave your final design different enough to make it unique. Despite this, I don’t completely dismiss your comment, adding a little code here and there to some degree in a Squarespace website can indeed contribute to a more custom experience and departure.

Squarespace does have something to learn from Webflow.

I enjoyed the article, thank you for sharing your perspective and the link to Webflow videos, I should take a look.