KC Santosh, AI-Driven Tools for Coronavirus Outbreak: Need of Active Learning and Cross-Population Train/Test Models on Multitudinal/Multimodal Data. Journal of Medical Systems, Springer, 44(93) (2020).

Keywords: Infectious Disease, COVID-19, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Active Learning, and Healthcare.

Source:https://www.nytimes.com/ interactive/2020/us/coronavirus-us-cases.html, March 09, 2020)

Two of my graduate students received the FY2020 Graduate Research and Creative Scholarship Grants from the University of South Dakota. Kudos!

More information: https://www.usd.edu/graduate-school/graduate-research-and-creative-scholarship-grants/2020-grants-awarded-fall

Amul Neupane: Deep Medical Imaging for Foreign Object Detection in Chest Radiographs

Omar Sharif: Deep Learning for Natural Disaster Detection on Satellite Image Time Series Data in High-Performance Computing (HPC) Environment

source: https://doi.org/10.1117/12.2293739 (previous work)

I am the #proud recipient of the 2019 President’s #research #award. My #happiness knows no bound. #IAmHonored Many many many many thanks to a) Anju (my #wife) b) José Flores, #computerscience #chair c) Dean Kruger, (Assoc.) Dean Vidler, and (Assoc.) Dean Dudley, #collegeofartsandsciences d) Vice president for #research Prof. Berry, Office of research and sponsored programs (#orsp)e) Provost office (Academic Affairs) f) The University of South Dakota (#president office and team) and external #reviewers.

More information can be found at the following URL: https://www.usd.edu/news/2019/usd-recognizes-faculty-with-the-2019-presidents-research-awards?fbclid=IwAR3EY-GDpklE8WbppBPA0fxytMibTbzDKcgCkMovaNxDwmWl8BWa8QieN7Y

Alina Chu (undergrad, computer science major) completed her 2019 SPACT REU program under the supervision of KC Santosh (department of computer science) and presented her work at the 2019 South Dakota Undergraduate Research Symposium, July 29–30.

In KC’s PAMI research lab, her project was titled “fingerprint image analysis for security and counterfeiting purposes”.

(May 23, 2019):
Mrinal K Dhar and Haidong Wang (grad students, Department of Computer Science) presented their work titled deep imaging for foreign object detection in chest radiograph, at the Mayo Clinic AI symposium (May 23).

In Fall 2018, the project received an award from the graduate school: graduate research and creativity scholarship grant.

(May 13, 2019) Haidong (one of my grad. students) presented his work at the Midwest Statistical Machine Learning Colloqium.

His presentation was Deep features for human face re-identification. I found he was enjoying and I enjoy #mentorship.

#deeplearning #facerecognition #livedata

(May 04, 2019) The only way to release #stress is to run and that does not #bother anybody. It is, in fact, a kind of #meditation. Believe me it works #perfect.

Thanks to University of Minnesota for such a great invitation for a talk (May 02, 2019). Special thanks to Peter Dolan!

The talk was about “smart healthcare: what computer scientists can do?” This talk was focused on #healthcare #ai #machinelearning #imageanalysis #automation #population #screening and #diagnosis

It’s been always exciting to somehow #motivate #juniors, who have not yet decided where to go and what to select for their career.

Don’t forget, it is #challenging to motivate them (in STEM education), since they are #smarter than us and we we know they look #small #physically.

Visiting the NSF is a great experience. Big people, big name!

#machinlearning #ai #imageprocessing #bigdata #informationretrieval #computerscience #machinevision

KC Santosh, PhD

AI/Data Scientist | Chair and Associate Professor of Computer Science, USD (http://kc-santosh.org)

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