Why We Love WPHRM (And You Would, Too!)

Hey Guys, I’m Santosh Singh and I’m the founder of Ommune, the company which developed WPHRM, a WordPress plugin based Human Resource Management System.

We developed WPHRM because we couldn’t find ANYTHING which could help us in managing the employees’ data and other HR related things which we wanted to be taken care by a SYSTEM and not by using the spreadsheets. There were a few WP plugins, SaaS based apps etc but there was nothing which was solving our problem and was affordable!

We were two people in the team and the hiring was going on. Suddenly we had a team of 10 over the period of 2 months. We were busy in our core work, hiring people, deploying projects, managing finances etc and didn’t have time to gather employee details properly or their attendance or their salary slips etc. so we thought of automating this, instead of hiring an HR person to take care of these activities. Because we wanted to save money and we knew that HR wouldn’t be of much use because the hiring won’t continue as soon as we have a few key team members.

We thought of developing our own system and WordPress was the obvious platform to choose because we use WordPress for our main website and our team had WordPress experts too. So we thought of naming it as WPHRM and we started the work.

We started with Adding/Editing Employees module where we could easily add new employee’s information, their photo, emergency contact numbers, blood group, their offer letters etc. This info is vital in case of emergencies. We were relieved when we had this module done because at least 30% of our problems were solved related to keeping employees data.

Then we started with Holidays module because we didn’t want to put holidays list on notice board to save paper and to make our small notice board empty for some other valuable info. After that Attendance module and then salary modules were developed and it kept on going until we had everything which we needed. After 13–14 months of development and testing, the end result was the WPHRM which you see at https://wphrm.com

We love it because it SAVES a lot of our time!

Why would you love it?

If you’re a growing startup or an established small or medium sized enterprise which doesn’t have any human resource management system in place or which has a difficult-to-manage HRM system in place then you must give WPHRM a try for following reasons:

1. Easy to use: WPHRM is very easy to use. We developed it even considering the non-IT companies.

2. WordPress CMS Based: WPHRM is a WordPress based plugin so it can be easily installed on ANY WordPress based website. Most of the startups and SMEs prefer to use WordPress as it’s the easiest and most widely used CMS.

3. Amazing Features: WPHRM has amazing features which you can check at https://wphrm.com We have a demo video too, which you can check to get a feel of it!

4. Self Hosted and Cloud Hosted options: We offer two options: Self hosted and Cloud hosted. In Self hosted option, you buy the plugin and install it on your website. But in Cloud hosted option, we’ll provide you a managed solution where we’ll install and manage your WPHRM on our server. If you’re a non-IT company then you should opt for this option as you won’t need to hire any support guy to manage this HRM system for you!

5. Reliable Support Team: We’re not new to software development and support. We’ve been into this for over a decade. You can check our Freelancer.com profile which speaks for our professionalism and quality of support here: https://www.freelancer.com/u/sonuinfy.html

6. Continuous development and maintenance: We have a dedicated team of experts for WPHRM’s further development and maintenance. You will get all these updates for free and within your WP dashboard for one year from your date of purchase.

7. Free trial is available. Buy only when you are 100% confident. If you’re confused and are not 100% sure then we would love to give you trial access to our WPHRM. You just need to fill this form here: https://wphrm.com/try-it-for-free/

8. Meet like minded people in our WPHRM FB group: Once you buy WPHRM, you get access to our WPHRM Facebook Buyers group where you can ask your HRM related queries to like minded folks for FREE!

And much more….

I’m 100% sure that you’ve found the value which you get for your investment in WPHRM. This will not only solve your existing HR management related problem, but will also give you some amazing features which will make your employees happy and as a result YOU WILL LOVE WPHRM as we do!

If you’ve any queries, please feel free to write us at support [at] wphrm.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.