How to grow beyond the economic crisis soon than the lockdown lift

As the COVID Stuck, the dreams of accomplishing the goal scattered, and I was stuck with anxiety and depression to what will happen to my finances, as the economy is crippling with a series of lockdowns.

This is the story of John, a dynamic person, filled with dreams, working with a multimillion-dollar company earning 6 figure income, who quits his job in the early September 2019. He was happy and bold to make that shift in his career, as he dreamt of the glory of his dreams.


I am counting my days, and the nights being restless until I learnt about how to know my customers better.

With the fast-changing technology, businesses have a poor vision for the future. Rapid changes are reducing sales volumes, skyrocketing cost of advertising, failing businesses.

Days are daunting, and nightmares keep you awake.

Not anymore!

Gratitude is the mother of virtues.

Let your dominant thought be: “I am grateful because…” — Mahatria.

With prayers of Gratitude towards the internet, computer, my ability and this day and all I have.

Learnings change our perceptions and clear our vision. A lot is happening…

How many of us start something only to know that we know very little, use up our resources and then painfully quit the venture

Within each of us lies the power of our consent

To health and sickness, To the riches and the poverty,

To freedom and slavery. It is we who control these and not another.

I had been learning digital marketing for my hobby for the last 3 years, and doing bits and pieces of advertisements for my own needs. …

Santosh Acharya

I’m a Technocrat, Digital Lifestyler, Photographer & Philosopher.

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