Once I was having a small chat with my friends in greens ( greens is a beautiful place in manipal where you can chill out and relax), and suddenly a pretty lady pops up with a voice recorder in her hand. She says that she is pursuing masters in philosophy and her project is based on empathy ie to know how many people are aware of the word and meaning of “Empathy”.

To my bad, i confused it with sympathy and she had to define, differentiate between the two. So now me and my friends were clear with the meaning, what next!.. she asks us to speak few words on *what is empathy according to you* ?

It took almost 2 to 3 minutes for her to convince us to speak on empathy. I did my job, but my friends were expecting some help from me :p .

How can you teach a person what is empathy?. Finally the lady helped them out, by giving few sentences and went in search of few more people .

That day I gathered all my thoughts and wondered why is the world such a difficult place to live in for some people?. Do they even know when and why they need to be empathetic and selfish?.

According to me empathy is the key ingredient to survive with the society. Man is a social animal. Every person needs to be needed. Empathy is one step ahead of sympathy.

Advantages of being empathetic :

  • You can never find anybody wrong. When you think from their point of view you 'll understand things better before you jump into conclusions
  • You will become a non judgemental person, because you stop comparing yourself with them, and start respecting their opinion.
  • You will have many many friends!.. trust me.. there will be hardly few who can hate you, and even If they hate, it could be because you are so down to earth to everybody, and everybody likes you more than them .
  • There will be less fights. You 'll have healthy arguments and that’s because you put their point of view first even before you say anything against their action.
  • You don’t find mistake in anything you see. You tend to be optimistic.

Disadvantages of being empathetic :

  • There are times where you have to be selfish for your own good and for your friend, that time you should forget empathy and think what is important . Ex: I and my best friend know that combine studies does NOT work well with us, because we are capable of speaking about anything and everything on earth either relevant , irrelevant, living , non living, space, eternity, nature, zodiac signs etc. Hence to overcome this situation I 'll find a friend who is also study oriented and less known to me. Now I should be selfish enough to leave my best friend for a week till exams are done so that even she can study peacefully.

If I choose to be empathetic, thinking oh! She can’t study without me, it would be loss for both of us.

Hence I would say that be empathetic most of the time. You can never loose your originality by thinking like others. Everybody is unique in their own way. Think why and what might have led them to take a wrong way. Before you say that they are wrong, find out what made them to do it, if they justify with valid points, share your opinion too and justify it. Let them conclude by themselves.

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