9 natural remedies for varicose vein treatment

Varicose vein is one of the most leading conditions among men and women. People suffering from varicose veins have bulged and swollen veins which appear purple and blue in colour. From the heart, legs are the most far away parts of the body and thus, it takes a lot of pressure for the veins to pump blood. Due to this pressure, can cause the blood to get plumped in the veins and cause swelling. There are different treatments for varicose veins provided in the hospitals but, if you believe in the home remedies and natural treatments, here are some you must consider!

How to cure varicose veins?

This is a very common question where people look for the natural treatment options and remedies for treatment of varicose veins. There are some home based products and natural ingredients which can help you get rid of it. These remedies are as follows:

  1. Mudpacks

If you are suffering from varicose veins and frequently wakeup watching the legs swollen, here is a remedy which you can try. Mud packs help in relieving the swelling in veins and gives relaxation. Mud has soothing and anti-inflammatory properties which help in reducing swelling.

2. Horse chestnut

If you are looking for some herbal remedies, you can use horse chestnut to cure varicose veins at home. It is an extract which is obtained from aesculus hippocastanum and is one of the best remedies. It improves blood flow which will reduce swelling and will fight bulged veins.

3. Grape seed extract

Grape seed extracts are filled with antioxidants and blood flow boosting properties which will simply make blood pumping easy. Grape seed extracts prevents the damage to cells and tissues which causes varicose veins. Thus, use this remedy to fight varicose veins naturally!

4. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider is an easily available home remedy which would fight varicose veins efficiently. Filled with antioxidants and astringent properties, this liquid helps the blood to flow and get regulated throughout the legs. This reduces swelling and gives relief in pain of varicose veins. Drink 1 glass apple cider vinegar daily or soak a cloth in apple cider vinegar and apply it on the varicose veins!

5. Essential oils

Essential oils work best for varicose veins. If you have any anti-inflammatory essential oils in your home, you can massage your legs with these oils. It will help improve blood flow and will reduce swelling. Just 2–3 drops of essential oils will reduce pain and swelling soon.

6. Witch hazel

You must have heard about this magical ingredient for treating various issues. Witch hazel is an amazing ingredient which improves elasticity of the veins and improves blood flow. This also repairs the damaged tissues reducing pain and suffering.

7. Cayenne pepper

If you are wondering about the safety of using cayenne pepper for varicose veins, you will get surprised to know its benefits. Cayenne pepper is a blood flow improving ingredient which works miraculously over such issues. It protects the walls of the blood vessels from getting damaged and makes the veins more elastic. This is an anti-inflammatory ingredient which will reduce pain soon!

8. Pot marigold

This is an ancient remedy for skin and vein swelling issues. Pot marigold helps in reducing itchiness, swelling and inflammation in the legs. Soak a cloth in pot marigold water and apply it on the veins for best results.

9. Chamomile oil

This is one of the best oils which helps in boosting blood flow and also reduces swelling. Massage some chamomile oil with herbal properties, to treat the varicose veins and get shocking results with reduced swelling and inflammation!