All That is Needed is 4% of a Day

How much time is needed to be spent each day for making one’s life beneficial? Probably, 4–5 hours can be the best guess. But, in current occupied lifestyle with so many interests and mundane activities, spending that portion of a day is a royalty.

Let’s take a look at the 24 hour day allocation for a typical lifestyle.

8 hrs at work / at school /at business

8 hrs sleep

1–2 hrs commute to work

1 hr Dining activities (Dinner, Breakfast, lunch)

1 hr Rest room activities all day long

2 hrs Miscellaneous activities / Family time / Recreation

As we see whatever lifestyle is being lead, 22 hours are now gone. From remaining 2 hours, if 50% is taken out, which is 1 hour, a 4% of a day. Dedicating just this small part of the day can bring wonders that can be cherished for the lifetime.

And when I say for oneself, I mean for their inner self. No casual social websites, No casual internet, No casual cell phone use, No casual television. Cut out all these and just dedicate this one hour completely for inner self. Lock up if needed so that no one can disturb.

Below are some ideas on what can be done:

1. Read a Book / Article

Read wide variety of books. Get different views from different authors. No one is right or wrong. It’s just different opinions. Expand the horizon. Constantly acquire knowledge. But do not forget that the sum total of what will be learned will always be less than a drop in the infinite ocean of knowledge.

2. Write or Blog

About anything that interests. I strongly suggest to share posts regularly with like-minded people or communities to get healthy feedback and at the same time receive new information. This further would give a boost to progress towards healthy writing.

3. Develop a Hobby

A hobby can be anything from cooking to building a giant model. Lets not judge on what we are doing, instead just do it. Leave it to the destiny what it might become in future.

Share work to get feedback and constant motivation. It will help in improvements as needed. Derive some home projects.

4. Write a Journal

Write personal journal — just something which indicates daily experiences, dreams , life goals, ideas, thoughts, negative/positive feelings …no matter how small they are write it down. Try to revisit them often to analyze the thought process.

This can be a good practice to check ourselves as we go in life. Sometimes, in a busy pace many things will be ignored and can never be thought. Having them in a journal would give that opportunity to go back on something and try to revert something which should not have been done. It helps in the process of becoming a good human being which is an ultimate goal of every human.

5. Involve in Charitable work

Do this without any self intentions. Spend time at old age homes, animal shelter, under-privileged care, etc…The fact that someone came to their aid is all that is needed to boost them. If we ever think that we are the giver and the other person is the taker, we are showing the signs of selfishness. Just believe that we had given an opportunity to share what we have with our fellow beings.

Volunteer on any kind of activity which might help anyone. Again do this without any expectations. When I am helping anyone, I am helping myself. That is all!

6. Learn and Learn

Again, reading make us learn a lot. What at this point is real might change to futile after some years of learning. Reading will allow to come out of stagnant shell and explore other possibilities. Contradicting ourselves on what we read will open a whole new world. It does not mean to oppose everything that was read, instead, try to always think why that should be true, and how it can be false.

A philosopher was asked on when his learning would stop. He replied — “My life will be stopped one day, but learning will still continue.”

Learning should never stop.

7. Incorporate Spiritual activities

Most Important of the lot, I must say.

Do any kind of spiritual activity — Meditation, Yoga Asanas (as in Rajas Yoga) , Pranayama, Prayer, listening spiritual teachings from scholars, reading Scriptures etc, etc.

You think you are just 16 years old and have a lot of time for this. False! This is the time to put it into your schedule. Unless, you want to repent later when you are old enough, deprived of mental and physical strength to do nothing but just introspect your failures. The seed when nurtured well can grow into a strong tree, not just by itself.

8. Incorporate Physical activities

Speak and Listen to the body. Understand it. Physical body is the most important means that we use to achieve what we want. Fatigue is undesirable than it seems, and stops many activities in the middle. Drive that caveat by doing any physical activity — Exercise, Cardio, Swimming, Play indoor/outdoor sport (not video games), any external activities involving physical strength.

Again, understand the needs. Not everyone have same lifestyle. Be smart and watchful on what is being done at this level.

9. Talk to Mother Nature

Go into the nature and spend time there like Hiking, Canoeing, Kayaking, Camping in the woods, etc… Even, I say, gardening in a backyard comes into this category. This is the most effective way to fuel ourselves with positive energy. It is way abundantly available out there in the nature.

10. Introspect

Just sit and introspect.

So many things get unnoticed in our everyday busy lives. The only way to bring them back and give proper attention as needed is through introspection.

At the same time, it helps to bring up certain undesirable aspects of ourselves before its too late. And vice versa, some desirable aspects which we can nurture to bring us to a higher state.


Spending just one hour a day can bring wonders in one’s life. Most important thing is to do this consistently without any expectations or goals. Amazing things can come out with spending an hour of conscious efforts. Hidden attributes can come out. Never seen talents can come out. All because of spending just an hour of a day’s time.

What we are doing here is going deep inside ourselves to see what’s inside. And once we find it, bring it out and spend an hour of conscious efforts on it without any expectations. Leave it to the destiny on what it might become in future. As we march forward, the time allocation might increase, but starting with minimal is bare important.

If one hour is not available at this time, start with 15 minute periods and go from there adding 5 or 10 minutes based on availability. Starting something minor is way better than aiming high, waiting for long, and finally falter. The most important thing is to make this process a habit. Once it is in the system, it is not going anywhere!

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