“Proud of what?” asks the Director of the blockbuster movie

The interviewer asks the director of the movie which was officially declared as the box office blockbuster, “As your movie broke the records of box office and is being nominated for prestigious awards, do you feel proud of your work?”

The director smiled and replied -

“Proud, of what?

I created a two-hour fast track entertainment, which one-third of the population think is great through their senses. They spent those two hours cherishing my work, and left home. This might be remembered for some days, until another craze hits in. What mark did I leave here to be proud of?

The other two-third population doesn’t know who I am, because they do not have big screen infrastructure capabilities. Major portion might not even know what television is. Remaining don’t even care about such stuff. They are not looking for a mind blowing entertainment that last for meager two hours of their life, but a piece of bread that would last them for one more day. They are not worried about their future, but they want to survive for that one day, hoping something will change next day.

A mother from that part of the world just want a genuine food not for her, but for her daughter or son, who is optimistic that they would get a proper meal that day, instead of contaminated water.

If they were given an opportunity to view my movie, they would gladly trade every ticket of the movie to the contrasting two-third’s community for a sustainable meal and purified water. They do this without any second thoughts, because the only thought they will ever have is survival.

I do sit here, and make movie after movie to satisfy my ego and accept fame from the one-third population. They jump up and down viewing the action presented, while it did not bring any change to the other part of the world. They will anxiously wait for some change to their lives, but not another blockbuster from me.

I did not achieve anything to be proud of. As I said, the work I did is something I decided to do, probably for no apparent good reason.

I would be proud, if I make a movie that can bring some kind of revelation for the two-third world, but not for one-third. Because the later have many choices, while the former have only one choice — a piece of bread for survival!”

And, he concluded the interview, with that last question.

The next movie was full of action, but this time it targeted the two-third world. They did not need television to watch this, as the action is presented live by his direct involvement, for their rescue. It was neither a box office block buster nor consolidated prestigious awards, but occupied many hearts and brought mind blowing changes, not the savory ones that will be dissolved with the time, but permanent ones that would overgrow in due course of time.

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