We haven’t heard about your startup!

You run a startup and some people tell you that they haven’t heard about your startup? That’s pretty good thing! Here is why:

1.You are heads down and things are work-in-progress
2.You are focusing on your customer segment rather than too much noise
3.There is still customer segment that you need to reach
4.You are still figuring-working the growth opportunities
5.You are letting your work does the talk
6.In early start your internal organization culture is still evolving, hence get that right to have a right communication to wider audience.
7.The only way you can reach mass user is having a mass impact on ground level and it takes time to build that authentically.

Just saw this tweet from CNBC: https://twitter.com/CNBC/status/593087360243490816 11 years ago today, someone named Mark Zuckerberg appeared on CNBC to discuss a social network that had 100K users.

Let’s get back to work-in-progress!

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