My First iOS App

Hi Everyone,

This is my first post on medium and my english is weak, so please pardon me for any mistakes. I thought I will write this post only when I release my first app on iOS app store, and now is the good time for that as I just released my first app on iOS app store.

Something about the app:

Harmony — Online FM Radio is currently live on app store. As I am frequent listener of FM, I thought why not make an app of my own so I decided few month back that lets do it and started working on this app. I would appreciate any suggestions or advice on this app as I really want to improve it.

My Road Map:

It was a really awesome experience to build an app completely from scratch. I am an iOS developer so that part was clear. I was confused that how would I build the backend for this app, so I started learning Python.

Learning Python was really great and its an awesome language if you are newbie in backend like me.

Then the second challenge that I faced was setting the server. As I have no prior experience in this area I took me quite some time to do that and I faced a lot of challenges. But as we all know AWS has made our lives lot easier, so I was able to setup the server in 3 days with the help of my friend (its tough if you have no idea..).

And Finally few days back I just released the app and it is really a great experience.

I just wanted to share this story with everyone and thought this is the right medium to this. So thanks everyone.