This is the story of Tiago, a software developer who visited Berlin for the first time in his life while attending a conference on IT, and how a particular talk sparked a desire to truly open source his projects.

Successful open source projects are ones that provide great documentation, welcome contributions, and keep both the product and community alive. A talk by Jan König at Landing Festival made me realise there’s a lot that developers need to do if they want their open source projects to be successful. So, without further ado, here’s what I’ve learned from Jan’s experience.

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A photo from my visit to Berlin.

Release your inner writer.

Developers have a love/hate relationship with documentation: the dislike of creating documentation is proportional only to the despair of not finding it in other projects. Writing documentation is often seen as a lesser task. One that’s beneath the intellect of a developer who’d rather use it on demanding and challenging problems. …


Tiago Santos

A regular guy who’s also a software engineer.

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