Standing at a Junction of Sexual dysfunctions

Have you ever slept and woke up and ask yourself whether it is still night or morning already? Such circumstances happen to men these days. It is not even a dream or a nightmare, its reality. India is experiencing an increase in the number of sexual dysfunctions and surprisingly, in erectile dysfunctions. This kind of sexual dysfunction is seen when a man fails to produce or maintain an erection during sex.

It really drives one crazy since the stamina is all taken away. A man becomes a little boy at the age of 30 or so. Erectile dysfunction is triggered by a number of cases starting with psychological instability. It is clear that once a man has no rest and is stressed over various issues his body’s ability to function well is disturbed. It is even made worse when deprived of sleep. These cases disorganize hormones and bring deficiency in Testosterone and vitamins level.

A man will find it hard to push up the blood to his penis to allow an erection to take place. This is not a state any man can wish to be in but it automatically happens as time goes on and it later brings infertility. It is advised that a man exercises daily and massages his penis to strengthen the muscles.

Another cause of erectile dysfunction is chronic diseases, for example, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and obesity. The majority of the men who report difficulties in erection are associated with the above problems. In this same case, the habit of over dependence on drugs reduces the natural power of the body hence becoming weak

Talking about research, erectile dysfunction at times has no cause. It suddenly occurs especially in men aged between 75 and above. This can be due to natural causes but this can’t be the case with adults aged between 20 to 50 years. The leading sexologist in India explains that the cause can also be triggered by different issues in all men

The most confusing scenario of sexual dysfunction treatment is the wide range of products that claim to treat the problems. This devastates men since they try out one product to another but can’t get the desired results. The treatments tend to relax them but no big change at the end of the course. As a patient, it is required that you meet a sexologist and get diagnosed. At times, counseling is all that is required to make a man effective again. Erectile dysfunction treatment in India is fruitful once you reach out to experts at Santushti clinics. Treatment is given depending on age, cause and the period of the problem. It is done by our herbal medicines that are trusted.

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