Look for pains and opportunities will pop-out

Santiago Martínez


Don’t invent things no one will buy.

When we are talking about a product, we cannot forget that it is for a person. As obvious as it sounds, forgetting it is a very common mistake in the innovation process. When you start to want to innovate, the ideas sprout like popcorn in the microwave, but we can not let these ideas skew us, we have to be very clear to whom it is directed and what pain our product satisfies.

The first thing is to define who this ideal person is going to be, whether you have a product in mind or not. Think about his daily activities, what places he frequent, his occupation, discomforts, tastes, passions, and habits, define this person as much as you can, since it will allow you to find those pains he has in his day by day more easily.

The key point is your client so don’t try to change the way he thinks, but you will be damaging your own innovation.

The pains are not obvious, so don’t marry the first one you find, you have to try to understand this person enough to know what his pain points are and what he really needs to solve them.

If you manage to reach a specific need for that person and you find this niche market (that the person’s characteristics repeat enough) you are on the other side.

A company has to be built on a clear and concise idea focused on solving one problem. The best-positioned brands are very clear about their message and can be defined with it in a sentence, and this brand purpose is reflected in their slogan.

And don’t worry if you can’t think of where to start, always keep in mind:

Every innovation creates new pains.

Santiago Martínez

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A daydreamer with tools for the impossible.

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