STARTUP TOOL KIT: Free curated list of products for your startup

The definitive collection of free resources to help build for startup in Asia

Starting a business from scratch can be a daunting task. There’s a myriad of choices that need to be made in order to get an idea off the ground and execute a business strategy. It’s a tough road to success: over half of startups fail to realize their concept within the first five years. Fret not though young entrepreneurs, there’s a growing list of innovative, complimentary apps on hand to help!

We here at Growth Kung Fu have scoured the net, combing through hundreds of sites to provide you the best free resources and tools to get your startup off the ground and begin selling your products and services to customers. From web hosting, money management and scheduling meetings to creating brand awareness and investor relations, we’ve prepared a complete list of free online tools to kick start your path to business success.

Our list is constantly updated with the most in-demand, innovative and complimentary tools. The startup community and developers can even add their own recommended services at the bottom of each category page if they think we missed something. We hope you find it useful. Good luck!