You can cry, you know.

You can let it all out.

You can let your hot tears fall

silently on your pillow

or you can let each drop

pound down with force,

screaming out all those things

you’ve kept inside.

It might make you feel better

or it might make you feel worse,

but it will make you feel.

It will stop this machine

from chugging along.

Always working.

Always moving.

Never happy,

never satisfied.

You can feel this pain.

You’re allowed to be hurt.

Feeling does not make

you weak.

These tears are not you.

These mountains you can’t get over

are not you.

These mistakes

and circumstances

are not you.

You are bright

and beautiful

and full of hope.

You are strong

and brave

and a little bit tired.

So let go.

Let go of the perception of perfection.

Because you know that you are not

and it’s okay if they see it, too.