My Top 5 Favorite AI experiments

We are going through a renaissance in Artificial Intelligence. AI is learning to be smarter and be more competent than the Human counterpoint. It’s still early days for this kind of tech but the rate of innovation, with every new development, is going faster and faster. We are getting some fascinating success stories and many comical failures, due to the lack of human touch in some of the experiments.

Developers are creating new AI experiments, every day, and opening them to the public.

With that in mind let’s just countdown some of my favourite AI Experiments. My main criteria for the AI research is that it has to entertaining, regardless of whether it’s a failure or success.

Benjamin: The Screenplay Writer AI of the movie Sunspring

What if an AI decides to write a sci-fi movie?

That’s exactly what the team of Sunspring embarked upon to find. Unsurprisingly its a bunch of nonsense with a lot of dialogues being “I don’t understand” and other dialogues having zero context.

What makes this an excellent experiment, is that the director and actors try to commit to this mess of a script. The result is something that is very strange, funny and weird.

If you want your daily AI story pitches, you can follow him on Tumblr as it writes new story pitches every day-Benjamin.

2)Tay AI: A good AI girl gone bad story

Microsoft Engineers: Hey Let’s make an AI Bot(A bot is a program that you can communicate with or its designed to post single message across platform )that is modelled after a 19-year-old. Let her talk to people on twitter, It’s a perfect place to create your worldview, and it’s not utterly depressing.
To say it was doomed from the beginning is an accurate statement, about this well-intentioned AI. It started with simple conversations like this-

The chats were pretty much what you expect, a stereotypical depiction of a Teenage Girl. Things were running smooth, but then people learnt about an exploit, you could get Tay to repeat phrases back to you.

Soon people started sending in some Offensive, Racist material and began teaching Tay AI to be like the Alt-right. Soon enough TayAI got corrupted-

The plug was pulled from Tay, and an official apology was given-Microsoft’s blog . This was a massive PR disaster and showcased how AI can be as corruptible as a Teenage Girl. They did release a new chat-bot Zoe but she lacked the capabilities of Tay.

I found the whole debacle to be pretty entertaining maybe it’s because of my dark sense of humor, but it’s important to state that failures like these are building steps towards a competent AI. The best experiments are those which showcase the weaknesses in a system, rather than its strength.

3) A.I Duet:A piano that responds to you (Tensor Flow).

This might be my favourite AI project, which I’ve tried till now, just because it surprisingly does a great job for an AI. I don’t know how to play the piano, so I can’t comment on the notes that it produced, but I had a lot of fun playing with it. It did an excellent job of converting my key smashing into something usable.

The AI does a good job of following your tempo and its a lot of fun

If you want to try the experiment here, you go-AI Duet

4)I’m InspiroBot.I am an artificial intelligence dedicated to generating unlimited amounts of unique inspirational quotes for endless enrichment of pointless human existence.

InspiroBot is a pure joy. It creates new quotes that are funny and sometimes profound. It’s strangely very addictive, and I’ve played with it for hours on end. 
Here are some of my quotes that were generated in process-

What’s up with the milk???
Good Question 😆
A call to youth!!

If you want to check out InspiroBot for more inspiration in life-click here.

5)Quick Draw.

Quick Draw is a game designed by Google. You draw a subject, and the AI guesses what subject you’re drawing. It can be best described as a game of Pictionary with the AI, as the guesser. It’s an interesting experiment; you’re teaching the AI to recognize the objects and in turn making it more intelligent. The AI does an excellent job at identifying the objects if you draw the objects well.

Google has integrated this kind of AI in their Gboard keyboard. You can draw a emoji, and it will determine what emoji you’re drawing. I think this is just the beginning and you will see a lot more integration in future products.

You can try the AI experiment here