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Co-Authored with Sam Lee

Slack is an amazing tool for team collaboration. One of its major strengths is the number of integrations and apps it offers that allow you to connect the messaging service with other tools you use in your daily workflow. And the Slack API makes it very easy to create your own app too! Within Xandr, we have used the Slack API to build our custom version of the Slack app called Donut. If you are interested in learning how you can create your own Slack app, read on!

At Xandr, we have a strong Data Science team and we thoroughly embrace the company’s Teach and Learn policy. Last year, our team started an initiative called SHIELD (Strategic Home for Innovation, Excellence, and Learning in Data Science). The goal is to foster an industry-leading, world-class Data Science organization by promoting research, growth, cultural excellence, mentorship, and personal development. The Shield program is spearheaded by a rotating team of volunteers, these are called the Agents of Shield. …

Streamlit is a new Python library that makes it very easy to create beautiful ML apps. If you have struggled with doing this using Jupyter/IPython widgets, Flask, or Dash, look no further.

This intro blog post on Streamlit gives you a great overview of the library and its capabilities. The Streamlit docs site has tutorials and the github repo has links to demo projects that you can look at to get started. In this post, I will primarily show you how you can host your Streamlit app on AWS and share some sample apps I have created.

Create an EC2…

(Co-Authored with Daniel Austin)

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Our Contest Submission App

The AppNexus Data Science team is always looking for ways to spread data science knowledge across AppNexus. …

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