Bugs and Header Tweaks
Josh Fabian

Well, dunno if it’s only me, or everyone, but:

  • Feed is not loading (also not in any groups I joined)
  • Pictures in Quick Update bar not showing
  • None of the Links are working (Header Links, Groups etc.)
  • All the links do is glitch out my page (Header bar turns white, groups glitch into the side of the screen)

I can go to other pages by writing them directly in the search bar of my browser and pressing enter (e.g https://kitsu.io/users/Username/library) will bring me to my library but no other way I can access them otherwise:

  • My lists (anime and manga) won’t load at all even when I manage to get on them.

For fixing, I already tried relogging and clearing caches and cookies.

Other then the above, I quite like the update. Would be lovely if I could use it too xD

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