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I am not OK with the people who are elected to represent and lead us ignoring medical and scientific experts, and then making decisions rooted in ignorance and fueled by fear that bring harm and invite violence upon 1.4M+ Americans.

All Americans are deserving of dignity, respect, and equal protection under the law. Our elected officials have a sworn duty to uphold those values.

This goes much further than gender. The conservative movement is powered by fear of the “other” and results in the perpetuation of racism and discrimination in this culture. Don’t take it from me, check out this compelling piece by Mr. Sam McKenzie Jr.

The Republican Party is the party of white supremacy.
That statement is observable, objective, and the Republican objective. White supremacy is a plank in both parties, but in the Republican Party, it is the widest, sturdiest, and the most obvious. This party uses dog whistles and blow horns so that the regular, raw, and the refined racists come running. For Republicans, racism is the great uniter.
Look at these stats:
The Kellogg School of Management found that 52% of Trump voters believe Blacks are LESS EVOLVED than whites.
A 2018 poll by YouGov found that 59% of Republicans believe Blacks are lazy and just need to try harder to be as well off as whites.
And 70% of Republicans believe diversity hurts white people.