elle thinks

It’s clear neither you nor Signmeup has any real experience with the transgender community. You should take some time to get to know them before you set your sights on them. None of those items in your bullet list are accurate. Please have compassion. We are truly the least among you. The lowest of the low. Yet we muster the strength to hold our heads up high and face the world.

Most of my transgender sisters are clinging to the lowest rungs of humanity. My friend Gracie was assaulted by an angry boyfriend of another resident in the homeless shelter she was in. I would take her for coffee as often as I could just to get her out of that environment. I lost touch with her because she couldn’t afford a phone. She isn’t at that shelter anymore. I have no idea if she is still alive.

I spent Saturday at a rally in Detroit. Our message to the Trump regime was that we simply are allowed to exist and encouraged people to vote. That’s it. Most of my sisters who were there do not have full-time employment. “Transgender people face an unemployment rate three times as high as the national average”

I was at a transgender support group last night. We gather together for strength to get through another month. There were over 30 of us there. Only myself and 6 others had health insurance. Four of those 6 were Medicare-eligible due to their age. “That’s 31 percent of transgender Americans who lack regular access to health care.”

Empathy and compassion. That’s all I’m asking you for. Please quit punching down. The folks you fear are up, not down.