Photo by Maarten Deckers on Unsplash

The Young Girl of Sandy Creek

There lived a young girl at Sandy Creek,
Different inside she thought she was a freak;
So she stayed out of sight and presented as boy,
Clothes stolen from mom were her only joy.

Discovery stole those clothes back from her,
So she grew to a man, and some called her sir; 
She turned to God, hoped for love absolute,
But the people with Pride He did persecute.

Within the man she remained fully hidden, 
Resentment and shame became her religion;
Salvation denied from Him up above, 
She married a girl who she came to love.

They bought a house and filled it with children, 
To provide for them was her only mission; 
Upon family she brought her own life to center, 
Then childhood trauma she began to remember.

Through eyes of a man as though a window of glass, 
The girl watched as her life unspooled into the past; 
She wanted the world to stop spinning around, 
A break from the motion, the speed, and the sound.

In the prime of life she was wrought with depression,
The man that she was brought her gender to question; 
Desperation fueled her unanswered prayers, 
Toward Hades she fell through too many layers.

Amidst the spinning she did eventually find, 
A few others like her, people of her own kind; 
Her counselor encouraged a life lived of truth, 
To live in the moment, focused not on lost youth.

The man that remains is very thin veneer,
The fog of dysphoria is beginning to clear; 
With the fear and shame she can mostly cope, 
To the future ahead, her eyes look with hope.

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