Palestinians are unable to do anything about US moving their embassy in Israel to Jerusalem

There have been many condemnations after US president Trump anounced US is to move its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem and recognized that city as Israeli capital. It was so at the meeting of the Security Council of the United Nations, it was so on the streets of muslim countries. First violent protests erupted in West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza and two Palestinians were killed, while hundreds were injured. Hamas launched some missiles into Israel from Gaza and Israel retaliated with air strikes.

There was nothing radical in this move. The US president just made it clear to the whole world, whose ally US really are and that they can’t be impartial in the peace process. It’s not a secret. Israel has been creating a new reality on the ground by expanding settlements for some time now, at the same time pushing Palestinians to a more and more confined space, they proclaimed Jerusalem to be their indivisible capital, even if the eastern part is in Palestinian hands. Even so, Americans are extensively supporting them, allowing them to be a millitary powerhouse in the Middle East, and that is in the end the only thing, that really matters.

And don’t forget, 90 US senators voted to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem in June, so this isn’t something Trump would have cooked up all by himself.

Palestinians are weak and without real friends. Don’t be fooled by statements from heads of states of countries in the region. They are, foremost in Saudi Arabia, obsessed with Iranian expanding influence. A war is being fought, not a direct one, but a war nonetheless, raging from Syria, Iraq to Yemen. In this game, Palestinians are irelevant, as Israelis and Saudis have the same interests, that is to diminish the power of shia Iran and their allies. This is also precisely the reason, Israelis are attacking Iranian weapons transports to Hesbollah inside Syria, while they aren’t bothered that much with presence of extremists right on their border with Syria. You might have noticed, nobody is massing troops for liberation of Palestine. Truth to be told, no Arab state, not even Egypt, let alone Saudi Arabia, is capable of waging a war against Israel. Turkish president Erdogan is more interested in Kurds and increasing his ratings in the region, than increasing tensions with Israel. And words are just words, even if they are rude ones, as is in his case.

You will also notice, no European state is imposing sanctions on Israel. Some are outraged, others warn about violent outbursts, but nobody does anything. Maybe somebody will recognize Palestine as an independent state with Jerusalem as its indivisible capital, but that won’t change anything.

What counts here, is military power and that is in Israels favor. In violent protests that have erupted, Palestinians are suffering. They can rebel and die, but on their own they can not win, while help from the outside isn’t to be expected. There is a small possibility, Hezbollah could launch some missiles. Hezbollah is fully capable of waging a defensive war against Israel, but it can’t go on the offensive so even their action would be just symbolic support, that wouldn’t change the situation on the ground. On the other hand, they are still involved in the Syrian war and are unlikely to divert attention from there.

All, that will come of this, are some violent protests and maybe a terrorist attack or two, which is nothing out of the ordinary for that catastrophy called Israeli Palestinian peace process.

Economicaly, even sanctions would not hurt Israel that much, as Americans would step in and take care of their losses with some aid package or trade deal. Nobody should underestimate American resolve, to support Israel, no matter the cost. As long as it is so, as long as Palestinians stay as weak as they are, and there really isn’t any way, they could get stronger, situation will stay the same. On top of it, nobody in the region really cares about them, except when the local street has to be riled up against a common enemy and attention diverted from internal problems.