The 2016 open pledge

I am Oyewale Ademola Sunday, most people know and address me as SAO dating back to 2004. I am extremely passionate about a few things, addicted to a few and alien to a lot of things. I like to see myself as an individual who is always thrilled by solutions that solve core problems with special focus on Africa.

If technology solves the problem at hand, I'm in. Likewise , if it requires little or no technology, I'm in to find any way to get it done regardless of the solution stack.

I have worked with a few technologies ranging from Mobile App Dev. -> Web Dev.→ Machine Learning and desire to learn a lot more.

This year (2016), as a step forward in breaking some of my old habits, developing new ones while determined to act on the things procrastination has deterred me from doing.

2016 ToDo


Android (Advanced):: I intend to build apps. with beautiful, appealing designs and which have some high level of complexity attached to them. From real-time to computation intensive mobile apps, I want in on this one.

Swift (Beginner) :: Just because I am a big fan of the iOS platform and always amazed at the level of carefully thought-out planning that go into the designs. I want in on this one too.

Haskell (Intermediate) :: Functional programming has caught my attention for a pretty long time and the mathematical thinking involved wants me to think through this paradigm. Clearly, for now I am in no rush to build production-ready projects but I see a future in this for me.

I want in on this.

PHP(Laravel) (Intermediate):: Being an anti-PHP fan for a pretty long time, I am anti not because I hate the language but because I have seen really ugly stuff developed in the language unless you gain enough experience to develop your own pattern and really thirst for elegance in your craft.

Laravel-PHP has some nice ways of preventing you from shooting yourself in the foot and I found it appealing based on my previous experience with Ruby on Rails(the readability) and Angular-JS (the angular nature).

I am a fan of the framework and the community is really encouraging(most awesome I have seen so far).

I want to build complex and rich back-end applications. I AM IN.

Javascript :: The possibilities here are astonishing and I need not say more. The JS-fu game must be tight.

Python (Intermediate) :: I have a soft spot for Python (being the first language I learnt), the language is clearly beautiful and beginner friendly. I will be using the language strictly in Machine Learning and will be having me onboard fully.

May the machines be smarter this year.



I used to be an avid reader but I've lost it over the years. I intend to bring this good culture of mine back and listed below are the ones I will start with.

  • Conceptual Blockbusting: A guide to better ideas 2nd ed. By Adam, James L.
  • Being Logical by Dennis Mclnerny
  • Strategic Foresight: The Power of Standing in the Future , by Nick Marsh
  • Lateral Thinking by Edward de Bono

I am going to 10 and suggested books are welcome.


So from my end, I will be documenting my journey this year as I proceed which include the technical challenges encountered, accepting technical reviews by senior craftsmen, new exploration and findings and some other little rantings.

May the force be with us all and God bless.