Anna Kendrick died in 2009

Born:1985 Dead:2009. by forced overdose and gunshot. short after her murder, her life and identity stolen by several people in Hollywood. running fake accounts by the username @annakendrick47 Profession: Actress Born: Portland. Familly: Janice C. Kendrick Michael C. Kendrick William Kendrick

Anna Kendrick actress from portland is having her identity stolen by 3 diferent doubles running the online accounts @annakendrick47 . The Original war murdered by forced overdose on drugs in 2009 while filming up in the air or soon after.

Due her refusal to paritcipate in and with people related to Mason and Scientology activies she was erased completly. murdered and her body dissapeared.

This was one of the last photos of her to which is believed is her dead body.

Those photo were speficially taken to make her look like drunk and high on drugs. but actually those photos are the last time of the agony of her death.

Soon after dying she dissapeard from camera for around 3 years and all her information on the web was erased and replaced with doubles.

the next photos are the photos of the doubles in what is a mayor world wide scam.

These photos are from doubles or the real anna kendrick, who now run all her marketing image and appear in movies.



super market.

This person IS NOT Anna Kendrick.

This person has been paid and used to stage and cover murder.

This person is/was old time prostitute.

This person has had best doctors to look alike the Real Anna Kendrick


The next ones, are the real photos of anna kendrick, who’s identity has been stolen by Scientology and Hollywood after her murder.

This is the real anna kendrick from portland maine.

All traces were erased from her. And double have had taken her identity after 2009 when and when she began dating Edgar Wright.

No history of her is to be found before that date. why? because all has been staged by rich people from hollywoo.

The accounts twitter and instagram are fake, but actually verified.

Proving futher more the incredibly farse this has become.

@annakendrick47 accounts are all fake.

That is not the real Anna Kendrick.

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