7 key elements employees need in a personalized workfeed

  1. Ability to complete an action: From expense reports and new hire requisitions, to PTO and PO requests, employees are required to login to multiple systems to either approve or reject items that keep the business running. This creates a bottleneck for employees, and as a result, they will delay completing the approval. With Sapho, employees can receive approvals directly in their workfeed, click into details, and easily take action, such as approving or rejecting requests, directly from the channel of their choice. The actions are then written back to the system of record.
  2. Proactive notifications for better business decisions: Data helps employees make the most informed and educated decisions, providing visibility into trends or events that impact the business. To overcome data silos, Sapho connects employees with the valuable data that often gets lost in business intelligence tools like Cognos, MicrosoftBI, and Tableau so employees no longer have to make decisions based on assumptions. For example, managers can receive a notification whenever the number of qualified leads decreases by a certain threshold, so they can review any recent changes and decide what adjustments are necessary.
  3. Helpful insights based on past behavior: It’s easy for employees to become overwhelmed by all the tasks they must complete and the systems they have to use to do them — and nearly impossible to take advantage of everything that might help them do better on the job. Sapho helps employees discover areas of opportunity right in their workfeed by sending system information, important updates, or activities that benefit them most based on their previous interests and preferences. For example, an employee might receive updates informing them about new training classes similar to ones they took the month before or sending an analytics report that covers a KPI similar to those they normally view during their workday.
  4. Simplified workflows: Modern employees are always on the go and sometimes, it’s hard to keep track of everything they need to get done –let alone remember their deadlines. Sapho simplifies their workflows by delivering tasks that require action straight to their workfeed. For example, many large companies require numerous compliance trainings with a variety of deadlines, especially when onboarding a new employee. Sapho delivers notifications to employees about tasks that need to be completed, ensuring they never miss a deadline.
  5. Information and tasks from any system: With the average enterprise using nearly 500 apps, it’s no wonder that employees can spend a fourth of their working hours searching for information. Sapho can mash up data from multiple systems into a unified feed so employees don’t have to go digging for it. Take the role of a sales representative for example. He or she must know who the contacts are, the production stats and all outstanding service tickets before making a sales call — all of which requires logging into a different system. With Sapho, employees can receive a notification that includes all the data from ticketing and production systems so that the key information is presented in an easily accessible and actionable way.
  6. Automated escalation and receipts: It’s easy for important alerts about specific activities or issues to get buried in enterprise systems or lost in an inbox. Sapho can notify employees directly in their workfeed (or directly on their device), either to confirm an action or escalate an issue due to a missing response, such as a confirmation of a review of a day’s trades for risk compliance. With Sapho’s edge tuning feature, managers and other team members can customize the notifications they care about according to priority levels and frequencies to increase awareness when an important event occurs.
  7. Important employee news and information: Ensuring employees know about all the latest news, policy, changes, or general office information is no easy task. A workfeed makes it easy to connect employees with information that is most relevant for them. For example, employees might receive an all-company notification when an office is closed due to bad weather or a daily update with the latest meal options at the office café.



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