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To add a little spice to your vegan curry:

Plants ARE sentient beings. They can feel pain, threats to their well-being and can even read your thoughts. All backed by science but suppressed by the food ‘industry’. Also, the agriculture that supports the vegan movement destroys forests to make more land available for growing soy for tofu and grain in general. Entire ecosystems are being destroyed here for the grain we consume. Biodynamic animal farming, on the other hand, is way more sustainable. So if you think you don’t have blood on your hands because you’re vegan, think again. Think of the orangutans who’re dying for you. Or the birds, frogs and insects. Or the rivers being destroyed due to deforestation and run-offs. And think of the fact that plants are indeed sentient beings and you choose to ignore this fact and claim non-vegans are ignorant or cruel. Please. Think.

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