In Utero

Day 0–2

I’m overcome by the beauty of fall. 
There’s a particular bush whose leaves have turned a red, unknown to me. It’s a shade unexpected. 
A red that pours over me. 
And makes me wonder. 
Is it real.

I think about taking a picture. I want this moment to last forever.
But in this moment. That moment. Has already passed.
And that which endures, is the story I have to tell.

So I decide not to take a picture.
Instead I choose to remember. And feel thankful. 
And have access to more than is before me.

Because what is before me, is not all there is.
To live this way would be akin to looking through an empty toilet paper roll, believing that all that I see is all that there is.
It’s important for me to remember this. 
Particularly now. When I feel like a passenger in a bumper car.

I strive to be overcome by the beauty of my fall.
A fall that is still descending.
A fall that is to be honoured.
For it has been divinely given to me.

Painting by Chantey Dayal