Four Things To Keep In Mind For Diwali 2017

When the Diwali fever hits every one of us, certain things get conspicuous; such as bazars get lit up as the shopkeepers decorate their shops. Sweet marts load up with homemade sweets and exotic chocolates. Specialty stores leave no shelves empty. Offers and discounts on products soar high. Emails from e-commerce giants fill your Inbox.

Irrespective of their financial or social statuses, people get down to spring-cleaning their homes, ‘un-messing up’ the messed up things, organizing household items and preparing mouth-watering delicacies. Children become kids, mothers become moms, fathers become dads, grandfathers become grandpa and grandmothers become granny!

It is generally experienced that Diwali fever fills you with a phenomenal excitement in your mind and body. Although temporary, the joy before and during Diwali is boundless. All the aspects of Diwali right from lighting up the oil lamps (diya), to preparing food, to distributing sweets center on harmony and love among people of different sections of the society. This is core spirit of any cultural festival of India for all of them revolve around victory of good over evil. It is believed that when Lord Rama had returned to Ayodhya, His celebrated kingdom, people lit up the entire city with diyas in the spirit of welcoming the Lord.

The best way to celebrate Diwali is expressing your love and gratitude toward others in the form of gifts. A variety of gift items and hampers are available today. You will find a number of gift ideas and can pick one of them depending on the person you share your relationship with.

Following are popular Diwali items and some special products you can get this Diwali 2017:

Jewelry: Gold and silver are considered sacred pieces of wealth as they especially gold represent Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity and auspicious ness. You can buy a variety of gold and silver items such as earrings, chains, bangles and anklets for women and cufflinks, finger rings for men, Navratna bracelets, kandil (Lantern) deity lockets, deity idols and the like.

Sweets: If you surrender to the mouthwatering sweets, then ensure you buy the sweets of the best qualities, no adulterated ones for they are hazardous to you and your family. During Diwali, our home receives guests and friends. For this, you may prepare gift packs with a single sweet or use a mix of sweets.

New Clothes: Although the market brims with discounts and offers during Diwali, clothes slightly cost higher for there exists a general perception that customers tend to have a compulsion to buy new stuffs during this festival. This compulsion is either natural or by peer pressure. However, you can buy clothes before the phenomena of Diwali hits the society and market at large. And if you generally buy tailor-made clothes, you MUST NOT approach your tailor or any other tailor even two days before Diwali for they get preoccupied with a lot of work.

Diwali Speical Puja: Just like any festival is incomplete without food, fest and family, Diwali festival is also incomplete without Diwali pujas (rituals) such as Chopra Pujan, Laksmi Kuber Puja and Maha Lakshmi Puja. Here in this case, if you want to have a Diwali puja performed at your place, you must contact qualified Brahmins well in advance as a lot of people wish to have puja on this day at an auspicious time. These pujas or rituals are performed for wealth, fortune, prosperity, removal of obstacles, happy family life and blessings of Goddess Lakshmi.

These are thing general considerations you can keep in your mind before the festival fever catches us all. May this Diwali of 2017 bring you peace, prosperity and blessings of the elders!

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