Silicon Valley Inspirations: Events that fired up my Monday Morning

Besides my kids lemonade stand (powered by excellent advisors, dubious pricing, guerilla marketing tactics) this weekend was important for other reasons. Three men inspired how I think about dreams, change and impact.

Elon Musk: The Audacity of Dreams

Its easy to see why Elon Musk might not be that inspirational in my life — he is in the battery business, technically. But its also easy to see why Elon Musk has jaws drop, twitter go berserk and analysts shake their heads and fists. He is audacious. Over the weekend, I sat down to really dig into the ‘who and where from’ of Elon Musk. And every single detail about him points to one thing — audacious thinking. He is the Don Draper who delivers. And that’s enough for me to put him on the inspiration wall.

John Green: Delivering Bad News Beautifully

The ‘Millennial’ buzz is exhausting.

The cycle of “love, hate, understand, optimize, adapt” with Millennials no different from previous generations but for the first time, it matters to brands more than ever before.

It’s a startling change for traditional thinkers but the best reality check came from John Green last week. The reasons it struck a chord:

  1. He called B.S on old world advertising tactics at……ahem. A Youtube Event no less. Kudos to Youtube peeps for putting him on stage
  2. He showed how to embrace change: You don’t need to be a 22 year old on stage to educate people on the Millennials.
  3. Killer reasoning: its easy to get lost on the rhetoric, and hide behind the numbers in 2014. Millennials matter, not only because they are changing the way we do things, but because they fundamentally change the way we THINK about things.

David Goldberg: If there was ever a role model for my son

Every premature death in Silicon Valley feels like a wake-up call for the type of lives we live here. Stressful, energetic, and FAST. But this is one death that struck a chord for entirely different reasons. While I don’t necessarily subscribe to the Lean In model, I am a believer in a sound support system and male feminists. I think feminism isn’t something to teach only my daughters, it applies to my son too. Hats off to a man in the Silicon Valley known for equal parts huge success and impressive support for the feminist cause.

Monday morning lessons: Be inspired, stay focused, pause to reflect.