Bollywood Movie Review: Mohenjo Daro

Out of the box, a Bollywood Movie Review will discuss a drama movie with a significant epic influence, Mohenjo Daro, which is directed by Ashutosh Gowarikar. This movie took a plot with a background in between the Game of Thrones and Baahubali, which happen in 2016 BC.

The story started by the withdrawal of Sarman (played by Hrithik) from Hamri Amri Gaon, to Mohenjo Daro, the city of lights. He met Chaani (played by Pooja), the pretty city mascot. They are falling in love with each other, but Chaani has to marry Munja (played by Arunoday), the son of the ruler in Mohenjo Daro, Maham (played by Kabir). The story also becomes interesting by watching how Sarman found out a lot of things in Mohenjo Daro as he lived there and try to fit in Mohenjo Daro, with his simplicity, passion, his strength, he is fighting for his love to Chaani. Sarman has found out a lot of unusual thing at Mohenjo Daro through his experience. He found out why Sindhu river is being dammed, he discovered what Maham has always traded with Sumer, His dream of a magical animal, and what happened to Mohenjo Daro when the rain comes and unite with the river. This summary has been made by Bollywood Movie Review to satisfy the audience curiosity about this movie.

Hrithik considered being succeeded enough at playing his role as Sarman in Mohenjo Daro movie. Though so, Pooja, of the contrary, has a poor review through her act. This is also probably because the writing which is not too optimal. The critics from Bollywood Movie Review are also said that Gowarikar writes Chaani as an inexpressive role. This is unusual of Gowarikar’s heroines who always can be memorable easily by the audience. We can take the example from taking the heroines character made by him such as Radha to Joodha. Kabir who play as Maham, always wears a helmet that makes a remembrance of Asterix character from the Asterix comic books, as he always wears the similar hat to his. He played his role well and can show the greediness of Maham perfectly. And so does Arunoday who play as Munja, he really digs into his role as a citizen caveman.

This drama movie, with the touch of romance and epic influence also being praised for its visual effects at the second half part, evoke the classic Hollywood movies such as The Ten Commandments. Ashutosh Gowarikar’s capability in this crossing time stories has revealed his best. But the comment about the movie should have a plenty more of the grand moments also coming from Bollywood Movie Review reviewers. The rank of Mohenjo Daro movie on the average is 3.0 out of 5. This is the average from 3.5 for the Direction, 2.0 for the dialogues, 3.0 for the Stories, 3.5 for the Music, and 3.5 for the Visual Appeal. Though so, the great scale and the vast imagination of Gowarikar’s have made Mohenjo Daro an interesting movie to watch and deserve the appraisal.

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