In my previous article, I have provided my story about transferring from Windows to Mac.
 Here I’ll provide apps that I use for better productivity with simple explanations below:

Airmail: If Apple’s default Mail app bore you, you can use Airmail. It is nice and easier to use.

Android File Transfer: If you are an Android user, you need this app to manage files. Do not forget to allow file discovery from your phone btw


Automator: To automate tasks on your Mac, you can use Apple’ onboard Automator, without knowing any code. For web automation, you can check my IFTTT & Zapier article.

AutoPagerize (Addon): This extension expand paginated pages without letting you click to “next page” or page number. Pages scroll as if they are infinite pages.


Bartender: If you have too many apps running simultaneously, menu bar at the top might be full. You can collect app icons under Bartender icon to avoid iconic mess.

Boom: You can boost your Mac’s volume with Boom. You can increase even further with Equalizer settings (but I do not recommend it, because it disturbs volume on higher levels)

Caffeine: If you close your Mac’s lid, it’ll sleep by default. If you need to avoid it somehow, you can use Caffeine. It also has an internal time to prevent Mac to sleep.


Clean My Mac: This app provides comprehensive cleaning and maintenance solution. It constantly reminds you to clean your mac every week and it cleans up very well.

Crossover: If you ever need running Windows (or any other OS) on Mac, you can use this.

Distill Web Monitor (Addon): You can track any element (or entire page) of websites with this addon. It’ll check for time to time for changes and notify you.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 11.52.42

Escape: If you want to track your time spending on different websites, you can use this tiny tool, as shown above.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 15.27.59

Feedly: Similar to an Rss reader, but much better. You can track many different sources over the internet, on one screen. I’m currently following 70+ feeds, here is the opml to import. If you do not have room to such feeds, push them to your pc via Pushbullet.

F.lux: If you are working long hours in front of computers, than you’ll need to avoid your
 eyes to sour. I advise you to use flux to dim and soften screen color to look at it easier. It makes screen’s color reddish.

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 16.00.45

Franz: To follow-up with many messaging accounts at once, Franz is a good option.
 It supports many services, as can be seen above.

Google Drive: If you are working over Microsoft Office and distributing your files online, switch to Google Drive. It is great for online file collaboration and sharing. If you create files on drive instead of uploading them, they will not be deduced from your storage quota.

Ghostery: We are being tracked by almost all websites. With Ghostery, you can avoid that.
 With adjusting it’s settings correctly, you can make your web trip anonymous and fast.

Ekran Resmi 2016-05-11 21.43.41

Import IO: With this tool, you can crawl and extract data from websites and use them somewhere else via API (if you need). Free package is sufficient to start with.

Macpilot: With this app, you can dive into Mac’s settings and change them as you please (within certain limits of course).

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 17.29.47
Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 17.30.11

Mega Sync: Mega provides 50 GB free online storage with end to end encryption. It also have a sync client and online video chat. But be warned, if you forget your password, even your master key, you cannot recover your account (due to this encryption for security). This tiny app let you to listen different nature voices together to create natural music combinations as you like.


Opera: Despite not being a popular web browser worldwide, it is as functional as Google Chrome. It also includes an ad blocker (also free VPN @IOS) serving pages fast and clean, as shown in above graph (ABP = Ad Blocker Plus addon for web browsers).

Product Hunt: This is an MVP demo platform, used by entrepreneurs to experiment their ideas. You can also collect/follow-up good ideas/products daily by this app.


Pushbullet: Pushbullet is a push notification service with free API; pushing notes, files, links between your devices (mobile, web, desktop). You can also send SMS from computer. Best of it, you can even create your own channel to stream your pushes!


Screenie: Screenie is a small screenshot handler, saving the time to find it and use. After taking a screenshot, you can directly drag Screenie icon from task bar as if it is the file.

Sublime Text: If you need a good text editor, this is one of the good ones.

Ekran Resmi 2016-05-11 22.50.07

Spotify: My favorite discovering and listening to music app is Spotify. I use it’s offline mode to sync/download my starred tracks on my phone. (Please note that it has 3333 song download limit in total). It also has a great blog about engineering and technology studies.

Teamviewer: It is one of the best tools for remote controlling PC’s. It also have mobile apps for mobility, it’ll be convenient to use if your screen is big enough (better be >5″)

Utorrent: To download and seed torrents, this little app is really handy. You can also use Transmission.


Tor Web Browser: Websites you can reach through Google is not all. With this browser you can reach hidden websites, without being tracked using torrent protocole. These websites mostly have crappy names, ending with .onion domain. For more info, click above link.

Unarchiver: Unarchiver lets you archive and unarchive zip and rar files. Must be found in the backpack.


Vivaldi: It is a new web browser made by Opera’s ex CEO, based on Chromium engine. They are adding nice features day by day, I advice you to follow-up this browser


VLC Player: VLC is one of the most popular (and powerful) open source multimedia player, without dealing with codec packs. You can also customize your player by skins and addons.


Zenmate: Not as safe as Tor browser, but Zenmate is convenient web browser based VPN service to use for entering forbidden websites or making online your identity anonymous. It is a freemium product, but free version does the work fine enough.

You can use these products combined. For example, I use my Feedly to follow too many sources over the web simultaneously. If I decide on a feed that I should investigate further, I simply push it via Pushbullet to Opera (@work) or to Vivaldi (@home) as I please.

There are many other apps that can be added to the list with their advantage and disadvantages, but these were my favorites. Please let us know yours by adding your comment below.

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