SAP Parts™ Promulgates Their Supreme Quality Floating Seals with Extended Support.

Mechanical Face Seals

With a careful aim to efficiently serve the off-highway machinery sector, SAP Parts™ stepped in the domain of designing, manufacturing and supplying technologically enriched products. Throughout their phase of evolution as a robust entity named SAP Parts™, the company clinched in some of the outstanding geniuses in this field. After that, was laid the foundation for their market research to come up with their unique product — Mechanical Face Seals widely called as Duo-Cone Seals.

Since its inception in this industry, SAP Parts™ have been whole-heartedly serving construction, defense, mining, and agriculture industries with their highly efficient Sealing Solutions. Besides establishing their prominence in the production of Mechanical Face Seals/ Duo Cone Seals, SAP Parts™ has also proved their excellence in the designing and manufacturing of Special oil grooved alloy steel bushings, cabin hinge and lock assemblies, some other critical products which are worthy of appreciation.

After rigorous years of struggling with the market research and acquainting with the competitive market tactics, SAP Parts™ family came up with their unique manufacturing process, delivering most customized and appropriate solutions to the customers.

As the technology advanced further, it was considered a necessity for the company to get their warehouse automated and distributed across the globe to be able to quickly support the customers right at the time of their need. With distribution warehouses in Leverkusen –Germany & Surrey-USA, it became more comfortable for the SAP Parts™ to make on-time supplies to customers in the region and scale-up their production processing. Now, the company can match their product supply with the rising market demands. In other words, globally distributed warehouse presence enables SAP Parts™ to accomplish their real-time order fulfillment process within the stipulated time frame and right at the time customer needs it.

The entire team involved in the production and processing of Duo Cone Seals are highly dedicated and bound to their working ethics. A true definition of dedicated teamwork reflects from the working ethics of the SAP Parts™ employees. The team co-ordination helps the firm to effectuate the streamlining of their entire duo cone seal manufacturing process.

The company is reckoned for its raw material selection. Before initiating the manufacturing process, every raw material undergoes a stage of through quality assurance. This quality assurance and quality control testing are one of the crucial steps in the selection of raw materials. Only the QA/QC verified and passed raw materials finds a fate in the finished product of SAP Parts™. This testing ensures the efficacy of the final Duo Cone Seals.

Besides, before its market release, every single unit of the floating seal is subjected to rigorous quality control check. Once passed, the product is labeled with product description in QR code depicting the traceability for quality assurance and the shelf life.

To facilitate with most customized and engineered sealing solutions SAP Parts™ product development team works very closely and collaboratively with customers and provide the most appropriate solutions per their need. A significant support is also provided on unique seal application and installation methodology developed by SAP Parts™. The assembly guidance is provided by way of exclusive Tools manufactured by most advance 3-D Printing process gives support in very shorter time as compared to conventional production processes which demand considerable time and high volumes. So customers have now options to order even ONE tool and SAP Parts™ can ship it in a very short time. This innovative approach in satisfying customer needs and expectations keeps SAP Parts™ far ahead than their competitors in the industry.

Within highly customized solutions and offerings by SAP Parts™, the customer has complete liberty to get solutions for their customized needs of Floating Seals and installed with the professional assistance of SAP Parts™ Product Development & Application Engineering teams, extending support globally. For ensuring the longevity of these seals, it is essential that the customers adhere to the service and installation guidelines and recommendations released by SAP Parts™ and also check the latest innovations and developments introduced by SAP Parts™ from time to time, on their website.

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